General Information

The function of the security CCTV control room has been changing over the past few years into a very specialised field of security and surveillance.  It now manages any or all of the following functions of any business and must be capable of giving the desired outputs required by the client.

  • Building Management Systems  & Information Management Systems)
  • Key Control & Access Control
  • Security Oversight
  • Production & Process overview
  • Stock Control
  • OHS Monitoring
  • Investigations & CCTV surveillance operations
 The Fundamental Elements Of Ensuring An Effective CCTV System Are:
  • Capable, well trained staff, suited to the workplace environment
  • Continuous on going training and performance assessments and management of staff
  • Corrective implementation and site specific control room policies & procedures
  • Continuous control room compliance audits to ensure operational standards are met 
  • Ensuring effective & proactive deliverable outputs of the control room