Strategic Partnership



Provide a management structure whereby the CCTV control room operational standards are evaluated, operator training requirements and competencies are assessed and compliance audits are conducted within the CCTV control room operation.




What we offer:


  • Over 27 years CCTV Surveillance Control Room Experience
  • Accredited CCTV Operator Skills Training ( SASSETA)
  • Surveillance Candidate Profiling And Assessments (SAMAE)
  • Recruitment, Placement and Management of Trained Operators
  • Control Room Base Line Standard Audits, Monthly Audits and Assessments
  • On Job CCTV System Skills Training
  • NQF Accredited Assessments & Moderation Services
  • Control Room Design and Ergonomics
  • CCTV Surveillance Consultancy Services - a monthly supervisory/consultancy service to monitor CCTV security provider, provide guidance on detected shortcomings and liaise with management - provided under contract
  • CCTV Installations
  • Drafting and administering of security CCTV tender specs for CCTV camera installations and site inspections


Any organization embarking on CCTV surveillance operations needs to understand that the fundamental elements of ensuring an effective CCTV system are:


  • Capable, well-trained staff, suited to the workplace environment
  • Continuous, on-going training and performance assessment and management of staff
  • Proper & corrective CCTV control room policy and procedure implementation
  • Continuous assessment and evaluation of the control room operational standards to ensure effective and proactive standards are set and maintained