Mission Statement

ISASA Security Training is a company that strives to:

  • Provide professional training to corporate, industry leaders and private individuals
  • Provide service excellence to clients in all aspects of the CCTV industry  

Training Objectives

  • To develop and enhance the skills of the CCTV and Surveillance industry
  • Help employers improve productivity in the workplace
  • Improve the employment prospects for persons with disabilities
  • ISASA Security Training strives to continuously improve the quality of our education and training products and the services we offer

   Amanda Wasserman

Managing Director of ISASA Security Training, born in Pretoria, South Africa, embarked on her security career in 1991, specializing in the fields of surveillance and CCTV control room operations.

After many years training CCTV operators locally, she was approached by an international recruitment company to work and train surveillance operators abroad. 

After 9 years, working and training CCTV operators in various surveillance and security control room operations on both ship and land in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Greece, Amanda returned to South Africa and ISASA Security Training (previously trading as In Focus Security Analysts) was founded.

ISASA Security Training is proud to announce that Amanda has achieved accreditation registrations as an Assessor and Moderator with SASSETA in the following unit standards:

US11498    Attend and give evidence in court

US11501    Manage own performance and work as part of a security team

US11502    Effecting a lawful citizens arrest

US11504    Give security orders and instructions

US11505    Identify, handle and defuse security related conflict

US11506    Conduct evacuations and emergency drills

US9407      Communicate with clients and discuss work

US11507    Conduct a security threat assessment in a defined operational area

US11508    Write security reports and take assessments

US11509    Respond to emergency signals and situations

US12329    Operate advanced security equipment and interpret information gathered in the use thereof

US11513    Operate effectively within a specified control room environment

US11514    Operate, interpret and monitor security activities from venue operations centre

US10748    Use of a hand gun

US119649 Handle and use a hand gun

US117705 Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 2000 (Act 60 of 2000) applicable to possessing a firearm

Assessor Registration number     19A32950611

Moderator Registration number  19M32960611