Over the previous 10 years, South Africa has experienced a rapid economic growth and has become the powerhouse of Africa

In order to maintain and encourage this momentum, it is necessary to promote investor confidence, both domestic and foreign

This has necessitated that local governments, business and industry re-assess the currently employed mechanisms to ensure:

  • the protection of their assests,
  • prevent loss of revenue,
  • inspire consumer confidence, and
  • install public safety

It is with these outcomes in mind that the use of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) as a preventative and investigative tool has undergone a major revival.

The installation of a CCTV system in instrumental in achieving the desired outcome; however, it is the competency of the operators that make the system effective. It is proven that a CCTV operator that is competent and possesses the required skills, techniques and knowledge and operates within a controlled environment, provides the effective means of combating and preventing loss.

Amanda Wasserman, an expert in CCTV operations, possessing over 18 years experience (both locally and internationally), confirms that it is not sufficient to place a security guard in a camera room and expect him/her to operate effectively.

Operators require specific skills, techniques, knowledge and training, specifically tailored to meet stringent industry and business standards, to ensure that they have the competency and confidence to conduct their duties effectively and efficiently.

The desire to promote higher standards amongst CCTV operators, led Amanda to explore the market place and offer structured CCTV Operator Training Courses and specialized workshops to the private and business sectors under the company "In-Focus Security", established in 2000 as a sole propietorship.

Over the following 12 years, training was conducted for industry leaders eager to improve the standard of their Operator's performance. Repeat business and an increase in interest for training, have confirmed that the training given to date has:

  • Been of a very high standard
  • Had the desired, positive impact, and 
  • Is a sort after specialized service